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Wifi Down Indefinitely

Posted by darsh on Jul 9, 2013 9:45:35

We had a good run with this system, but unfortunately it all stopped working a while back and Kyle at Humboldt Landscape decided to throw in the towel.

As a result, the Myrtletown Free Wifi Project seems to have come to an end. Since I am no longer a Myrtletown resident, I don't have the ability to build out a new hotspot for the community. If anyone else out there decides to launch a similar project, I will gladly publicize it here!

Thanks to everyone who supported this project, and I am truly sorry I can't do anything to keep it alive. It was fun while it lasted!

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Wifi Is Up! (For real this time)

Posted by darsh on Feb 11, 2011 13:10:31

After many setbacks and months of downtime,'s free community wifi hotspot is back online!

The new system is running different hardware than the old system, so it is possible we may need to work out some kinks, but at this moment I am posting from the Myrtletown wifi network, so this is at least proof that we're back online.

The new system is an off-the-shelf high power device called the Ubiquiti Bullet M2. It supports 802.11n devices, which should provide faster network speeds and better overall connectivity within range of the main access point on the corner of Trinity St. and Myrtle Ave. for those who have N-capable wireless devices.

We don't currently know if the coverage area of this new device will match what we had before (as shown on the Wifi page), but we still intend to install at least one repeater in the neighborhood this spring.

I want to thank Redwood Electronics for being so helpful when I needed to find odd parts for this project

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Update on Wifi Repair

Posted by darsh on Jan 18, 2011 14:50:07

Last week I was on the roof of the Humboldt Landscape office where the Myrtletown Wifi Hotspot is located. Kyle and I pulled the unit off the roof and I opened it up to diagnose the problem and begin the rebuild.

See that nasty white powdery stuff on the inside of the weather-proof box? It's corrosion caused by a faulty weather seal. Over the years moisture has been entering the enclosure, and I discovered that the amplifier unit failed due to corrosion of the circuitry. Last night I ordered a replacement unit from Shireen Inc. (an awesome manufacturer of custom radio equipment), and I expect it to be here by the end of the week. This weekend I will be finalizing the upgrade and reinstalling the unit on the roof of Humboldt Landscape.

After that, it will be time to survey the neighborhood for signal strength and pick the best install locations for repeaters to expand the range and coverage of the hotspot.

Sorry to everyone who uses this service that the repairs are taking so long!

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Myrtletown Wifi Hotspot to be Upgraded

Posted by darsh on Jan 4, 2011 8:51:10

2010 was a rough year for the free Myrtletown wifi project. Numerous hardware issues have plagued the system and caused spotty service and much downtime. The system is up and running right now, but it is largely unreliable, going offline regularly and generally not serving the community as it was designed to.

A plan has been devised to upgrade the hardware on the main access point, which should provide us with a few more years of reliable, uninterrupted wireless service to central Myrtletown. New hardware has been ordered, and the upgrade will take place next week (weather permitting).

Once upgraded, we are very interested in expanding the network with additional repeaters throughout the Myrtletown area. So far we have plans to install repeaters in the Myrtletown Shopping Center and near Quaker and Middlefield, which we hope will extend usable coverage to the entire Edgewood area as well as much of the area surrounding the shopping center.

Do you (or someone you know) want to get involved with this project and host a repeater in the Myrtletown area? The cost is expected to be quite low and involves installing a very basic antenna on the roof of your home or business. Once installed, the network can be wired into the building to provide free internet at the location. Please contact us for details about this project.

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Happy Holidays, Wifi Is Back!!

Posted by darsh on Dec 22, 2010 0:26:58

It's true! We repaired the system and Myrtletown's free neighborhood wifi internet is back online!

I have some free time in January to put a little more effort into this project, and I am hoping to get in touch with those of you who have contacted me about installing repeaters to increase the range of the network. If interested, please contact me here and we can talk about options for installing a repeater at your home or office in Myrtletown.


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HealthSPORT to Open This Month in Myrtletown

Posted by darsh on Aug 10, 2010 15:00:02

Jaime Knife of HealthSPORT wrote to let us know some details on the new facility on Myrtle Avenue:

Eureka HealthSPORT is opening Aug. 21. We are
currently running a membership special - join Eureka HealthSPORT during the month of August for $88 initiation fee for a family of 3 (reg. $299). To
take advantage of this offer, call 443-3488 or visit

We will also be holding a "Hard Hat Tour" for people wishing to get a sneak peek this Sat., 8/14, from 9-4PM. People interested in a Hard Hat Tour can email or call 443.3488.

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Wifi Network To Be Repaired

Posted by darsh on Aug 9, 2010 18:05:23

The free wifi hotspot has been having issues recently. We're working on solving the problem, but it has been difficult due to this being the busy season for Humboldt Landscape, the business that now owns and operates the free wifi internet service.

I have been working with Humboldt Landscape remotely to help diagnose and solve the issue, and we hope to have everything back online and stable as soon as possible.

I haven't been active in the community lately, and I apologize for that. I will publish a post soon about the future of, so stay tuned!

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Myrtletown Radio

Posted by Old Glory Radio on Oct 11, 2008 16:42:09

Coming AM 1650. We are located in Myrtletown and will be having a daily call in talk show.

More information

Old GLory Radio

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Myrtletown Lunch Solutions

Posted by darsh on Jul 3, 2008 16:00:22

Where to eat in Myrtletown

Myrtletown is small, and while we have a relatively large number of businesses operating out of our community, there are very few places to have lunch without traveling to downtown Eureka.

Having lived and worked in Myrtletown for many years, I have tried every lunch option multiple times, which I figure qualifies me to do a quick write-up on the available choices.

Read the rest of this article...

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HealthSPORT Eureka Breaks Ground

Posted by darsh on Apr 18, 2008 14:37:51

Myrtletown is growing!

After two years of hard work and planning, HealthSPORT is finally ready to begin construction on its Eureka location - 3441 Pennsylvania Ave. at Myrtle, right behind Eureka Floor in that big open field.

Yes that's right, Myrtletown is finally getting a fitness center, and it will even have a pool!

Read the rest of this story...

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Clinton's Eureka Visit A Complete Bust

Posted by darsh on Jan 16, 2008 19:48:55

Clear and promising day at Redwood Acres ends in confusion, disappointment for many

It was total mayhem at Redwood Acres today as thousands of people lined up to see former US President Bill Clinton speak at a last-minute stop-off in Eureka.

About 150 people were waiting in line at 2:30pm when I arrived with friends to wait for Slick Willy to show up. We stood for many hours, and by 5:30pm it seemed as though the number of people in front of us had doubled, at least.

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Confirmed: Bill Clinton is Coming to Myrtletown

Posted by darsh on Jan 15, 2008 17:30:26

Clinton Campaign Puts Myrtletown on the Map

Looks like our invitation was accepted!

Thanks to Hank Sims for breaking the details on President Bill Clinton's scheduled stop-off in Humboldt County. The former president will be here to promte Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Where: Redwood Acres, Home Arts Building
When: Wednesday, January 16, 6:30pm

See you there!

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Attention Bill Clinton: Visit Myrtletown!

Posted by darsh on Jan 15, 2008 14:43:30

Bill Clinton formally invited to speak at Redwood Acres

As you may have heard, former United States president Bill Clinton is scheduled to visit Eureka tomorrow evening. The initial details had him scheduled to visit the HCDCC in the afternoon, but now the official, though tentative, word is that the venue has been changed in favor of something bigger, and the time will be in the 4pm-5pm window.

I would like to officially invite President Clinton and his crew to hold their brief stop-off at Redwood Acres here in Myrtletown, where there is plenty of open space and parking is ample. I checked the calendar and it looks like there are only minor events taking place at Redwood Acres tomorrow, so it shouldn't be terribly inconvenient to book one of the exhibition halls for half a day.

What do you say, Bill? Visit Myrtletown!

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Illegal Dumping in Myrtletown

Posted by darsh on Nov 5, 2007 11:29:09

Monthly piles of rubbish pollute Lucas Street forest

Did you know that Myrtletown has its own garbage dump? Lucas Street, between Myrtle and Harrison Ave, is apparently the unofficial waste drop-off for anyone too lazy and self-centered to drive their trash across town to the HWMA Transfer Station.

It's been happening for years, and it seems like nothing can be done to stop it. Recently most of the garbage has been carpet remnants, bags of clothes, roofing materials, and tires. Today, however, I found two CRT computer monitors, one buried under a pile of carpet pieces, and the other thrown into the runoff drainage area at the bottom of the gully on the north side of Lucas St, sitting in 6 inches of running water. Today's deposit of putrid waste also included about a half-dozen bicycle tires alongside a stack of old car and motorcycle tires.

See the rest of this article and more photos

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Wi-Fi Update

Posted by darsh on Aug 2, 2007 17:43:24

After our neighborhood wireless internet project was covered in a local newspaper we immediately began receiving emails and inquiries from Myrtletown residents who want to get a stronger signal in their homes.

The wireless internet protocol (aka 802.11) operates in the 2.4GHz band. This is the same radio frequency that many cordless phone systems, microwaves, and wireless networks use. The signal is not always powerful enough to pass through thick walls, trees, and other obstructions. As a result, our neighborhood wifi signal can run into trouble once it goes through a couple of walls and past a block or so of cordless phones.

If you're a little too far away from the Myrtletown access point, but you think you have decent line-of-sight from your roof to our office, then you might consider extending your wi-fi range using inexpensive consumer wifi gear and a directional antenna (like a "cantenna") to bring the signal into your home.

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