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A big week for cops, robbers, and drugs

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date posted: Oct 20, 2006 11:06:46 Reply Flag this comment as Spam or Inappropriate
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Big ups to our local law enforcement for busting some low-life drug dealers and robbers this week.

First off, Arcata police chased down an armed robber just after he robbed two Arcata busineses Wednesday morning. Story here:

Then there are these two horrible pieces of crap who were locked up for running a big meth/cocaine/marijuana/gun operation out of the home where they were living with four children. The perps are Marcus and Amber Smith of Eureka. They were reportedly ( dealing meth, cocaine, and pot out of their residence on Hillside in Eureka. These assholes had all kinds of drugs and guns in their car and in their home, and cops even found pictures of their children posing with handguns during the search.

Finally we have two more low-lifes who were busted for operating a giant methamphetamine distribution project out of their home on Law Blvd. in Eureka. Salvador Oseguera and Griselda Vargas are now in jail after Drug Task Force agents busted them with something like 21 ounces of meth and a "sawed-off rifle with the serial numbers filed off". Story: .

This makes me feel very, very good, primarily because my home was burglarized earlier this year and the burglar made off with registered firearms, various valuables, and most painfully, all of my wife's jewelry which, although not necessarily expensive, had significant sentimental value. The thought of these methed-up assholes robbing houses, stealing guns, and then potentially rolling around with those guns while they deal drugs around town, makes me sick. So it's great to read about criminals like that getting busted and going to jail. I hope they rot there.

I Myrtletown
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