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Wifi Is Up! (For real this time)

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date posted: Feb 11, 2011 13:10:31 Reply Blog entry Flag this comment as Spam or Inappropriate
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After many setbacks and months of downtime,'s free community wifi hotspot is back online!

The new system is running different hardware than the old system, so it is possible we may need to work out some kinks, but at this moment I am posting from the Myrtletown wifi network, so this is at least proof that we're back online.

The new system is an off-the-shelf high power device called the Ubiquiti Bullet M2. It supports 802.11n devices, which should provide faster network speeds and better overall connectivity within range of the main access point on the corner of Trinity St. and Myrtle Ave. for those who have N-capable wireless devices.

We don't currently know if the coverage area of this new device will match what we had before (as shown on the Wifi page), but we still intend to install at least one repeater in the neighborhood this spring.

I want to thank Redwood Electronics for being so helpful when I needed to find odd parts for this project

I Myrtletown
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