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Where is Myrtletown?

Here is an interactive map of Myrtletown, CA. With a click of the mouse you can zoom in for a closer look or see a satellite image of the neighborhood.

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Select a street from the list on the right to highlight it on the map above. This is an easy way to locate those hard to find streets in Myrtletown, and helps further define our borders and neighborhoods.

What is Myrtletown?

Myrtletown is a small community in Northern California. It is located in the eastern vicinity of the city of Eureka. It is classified as a census-designated place (CDP) in Humboldt County, California by the United States Census Bureau. Although it is located outside the city limits and is unincorporated, it shares the same postal codes as Eureka.


In other words, Myrtletown is a group of about 5,000 people and 450 businesses in a 2.2 square mile area to the east of Eureka. If you are driving SE down Myrtle Avenue in Eureka, you won't really know when you've left Eureka and are in Myrtletown until you start reading the signs. In fact, many residents don't even know they live in Myrtletown.


For those who live in Myrtletown, it is easy to tell when you are in the neighborhood. After you have crossed the deep gullies of Eureka and the redwoods are in view, the clouds seem to lift a little bit, the fog turns to mist and the sun shines through more often. There are plenty of stores and enough medical assistance for the whole city. If you look down the hidden streets, you will find a business for every occasion.

Myrtletown may keep a low profile but it is an essential member of the North Coast community. The countless services provided by business and individuals in Myrtletown help sustain Eureka and beyond. It may be a small neighborhood with no post office, but it leaves a big impression in Humboldt County.