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Internet Hotspot

Myrtletown's Wifi Antenna is now providing free Wifi Internet access to the public via our wireless hotspot on Myrtle Ave. Our SSID is "" and it's open access for all users! See map below for approximate coverage area. Scroll down to read about the antenna.

Wireless Internet Coverage Map of Myrtletown, California Wifi Hotspot Coverage Map

About the Wireless Internet Hotspot

First of all, we are proud to announce that the primary source of funds for our free wifi internet hotspot project was donations from Myrtletown residents and supporters. The internet uplink, network design, and technical implementation was provided by Sprux LLC.

Our antenna is a custom-built unit derived in part from plans found in Make Magazine. We mounted a Linksys WRT54GS, a 1-watt amplifier, and a power supply inside a Nema-6 weatherproof enclosure. Then we connected it all to a 6-foot omnidirectional antenna, mounted the whole mess on a 10-foot mast, and stuck it to the side of our office with big screws.

Our range tests have been very exciting (see map above), but of course the best signals are in places where thre are few objects between the antenna and the user (trees, walls, etc). We encourage neighbors to install home-made antennas, wifi bridges, and repeaters if they are interested in contributing to the project, or even if they just want to get a nice strong, free signal in their homes!

Picture Gallery!

1-watt signal booster test-mounted on plastic cutting board, bare Linksys WRT54GS guts in the background.

All components mounted and connected for testing. Yes, that Dremel in the background was used to cut away some of the Linksys board.

Everything mounted up and connected inside the weatherproof enclosure.

Assembled router/amplifier unit just about ready for deployment!

One of our technicians in the midst of a rather difficult task.

On the roof, finishing the installation.

Wireless internet antenna in the sky.

Free internet for the whole neighborhood!

Expanding our range is very interested in expanding the coverage of our free wifi internet hotspot. One way we can do that is by installing repeaters and signal boosting antennas on other nearby structures in the area. In order to do that, we need a place to install the antenna. If you, your business, or someone you know in Myrtletown is interested in hosting a similar antenna on their roof, please contact us to discuss that possibility.

Happy wireless internet surfing!